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Bouldin Radio, LLC, founder Roger Bouldin believes that a good local radio station is an essential component of the vitality and lifeblood of a community. It is the town’s radio station that informs about the happenings of the past night as folks rise to get their day started. It is the local radio station that helps moms decide how to dress their kids for school and helps commuters choose the quickest route through the morning traffic. The community radio station provides entertainment that helps workers get through another long day on the job and offers an incredibly efficient advertising vehicle for local merchants. It gives late night companionship to the insomniacs and third-shifters and vital, life-saving information to all the townsfolks during severe weather periods, natural disasters, or other emergency events.

That is why Bouldin Radio, LLC, was created – to own and operate great community involved local radio stations.

That is why Bouldin Radio, LLC, was created – to own and operate great community involved local radio stations in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. It is Bouldin Radio’s highest aspiration to serve the communities of the stations it owns.

Bouldin Radio intends to operate with modern equipment and technical gear to give the audiences of its stations a great, high fidelity listening experience. But Bouldin truly understands that a great radio station is far more than just good sounding equipment. It is Bouldin’s firm belief that it is the people…the air personalities, the behind-the-scenes support staff, the sales and promotional personnel, and all the team members…who make a radio station great. And Bouldin Radio seeks and retains the most talented, most dedicated employees and will always place a high value on treating its team members with appreciation and respect.

Bouldin Radio also places a high priority on honesty and fair dealings. Bouldin believes that super serving clients and giving them fair value is more important than profits. Bouldin strives to forge lasting associations with its customers and to always give more than promised.

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Roger Bouldin

Founder / Managing Member

Roger began his career in broadcasting at age 16 working Sunday mornings at a daytime AM station near his hometown in Alabama. In the 50 years since then, he has done virtually everything that can be done at a radio station. Roger has been a deejay, a radio advertising salesman, a news reporter, a copywriter, and an engineer. He has done traffic, commercial production, programming, bookkeeping, and tower climbing. He has built new studios and transmitter sites literally from the ground up, and he has filed hundreds of applications with the FCC to upgrade, move, or otherwise improve radio stations both for his company and others. Currently, Roger also serves at Corporate General Manager for Bristol Broadcasting Company.

Bouldin Radio, LLC has completed the purchase of WRGS(AM) 1370 kHz and FM Translator Station W233BP 94.5 mHz at Rogersville, Tennessee.

Bouldin Radio has also purchased WSWV AM/FM at Pennington Gap, Virginia. WSWV-FM operates at 105.5 mHz and WSWV-AM operates at 1570 kHz in simulcast with an FM Translator at 101.9 mHz.

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