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Bouldin Radio is a privately owned broadcast company that operates locally focused community radio stations in Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and West Virginia.

Music and Entertainment

The right music, interesting stories, listener involvement, and fun promotions are all part of the daily entertainment offered on Bouldin Radio Stations. Research and diligence are used to ensure that just the right music and personality mix is always available.

Local News and Weather Reports

The Stations of Bouldin Radio provide local news, information, and weather reports. News about what is happening in the neighborhood and forecasts so residents can plan their outdoor activities and are well informed during severe weather events.

High School Sports

Bouldin Radio’s stations provides live play-by-play coverage of local high school sporting events helping build enthusiasm for the home teams and giving recognition to the young athletes who give their all on the fields.

Effective Advertising Campaigns

With years of experience, Bouldin Radio can create super effective advertising campaigns for local merchants to help move merchandise, build brand awareness, or to introduce new services.

Latest News about Bouldin Radio

Bouldin Radio Acquires an FM Translator

In May 2024, Bouldin Radio closed a deal to acquire FM Translator Station W257AV at Skeegs, Virginia, from Peggy Sue Broadcasting Company. This translator will eventually be relocated to another site and will rebroadcast WHNQ-AM.

WSWV-AM Sold to Cumberland Broadcasting

On May 1, 2024, Bouldin Radio sold WSWV-AM at Pennington Gap, Virginia, to a local startup company, Cumberland Broadcasting. Also included in the deal was FM Translator W270CB which rebroadcasts WSWV-AM. Cumberland Broadcasting is continuing with the country format on the station.

Bouldin Radio Sells WSWV-FM

Bouldin Radio has sold WSWV-FM at Pennington Gap, Virginia, to EMF Broadcasting. The transaction was completed in February 2024.  The callsign of the station was changed to WLGY and the station is now airing the K-Love contemporary Christian format.

WNRJ Becomes WJOE...Joe 103.9

The call sign for WNRJ at Vienna/Parkersburg, West Virginia has been changed to WJOE and the station will be called Joe 103.9. WJOE will continue to use the moniker PraiseFM for a transition period and will keep its Christian music format.

Bouldin Radio Makes First Acquisition in West Virginia

Boulding Radio has completed the purchase of WNRJ-FM, 103.9 mHz, at Vienna/Parkersburg, as its first radio property in West Virginia. WNRJ-FM will remain in the Southern Gospel format. WNRJ is a full-power Class A FM station.

WXLZ FM & AM Acquired by Bouldin Radio

WXLZ-AM at St. Paul, Virginia, and WXLZ-FM at Lebanon, Virginia, have been acquired by Bouldin Radio. The two stations offer a country music format operating in simulcast. These stations have been the hometown stations for St. Paul, Castlewood, Lebanon, and Honaker, Virginia, for decades. Bouldin Radio intends to continue super serving the Russell County area.

Bouldin Buys Pennington Gap Stations

Bouldin Radio has finalized the purchase of WSWV and WSWV-FM at Pennington Gap, Virginia. The purchase of these stations was officially completed on November 28, 2022. The staff of the stations is expected to remain intact.

Bouldin Purchases WRGS at Rogersville

Bouldin Radio, LLC has finalized the purchase of WRGS at Rogersville, Tennessee. Since 1954, WRGS has been the radio voice of Rogersville and Hawkins County with its world-famous Swap Shop, real country music, and live coverage of Cherokee High School Sports.

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